shadymist's Journal

1 October 1977
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What can I say about me that *you*, whoever you may be, will want to know? Perhaps that I am vain about my hair, but vanity is an annoying trait to me? Or that I have a strong dislike of untruthfulness from friends? If you know me, you probably already know I rarely (if ever) wear make-up. Contrary to what most people might think, it's not that I have anything against make-up, I just happen to like the feel of "me" all natural.

I do not smoke, drink moderately/socially (glass of wine with dinner, few drinks socially), prefer sober to drunk, no drugs (shh--not counting burning man!), but don't mind those who smoke herb in moderation.

What more do you want to know?... I'm mostly an open book, give or take a few pages that are slightly faded, or burned.